Trust Me

Trust me.  Two short words.  One simple sentence.  Placing your trust in another is easier said than done.  Your response to hearing these words may vary pending on the circumstance and message bearer.  From a salesperson to your spouse, from decisions on spending your money to your time, we are all confronted with the reality of trust on multiple levels every single day.

My wife has told me many times over the years I need to trust more.  Why is it that when someone says the words, “trust me,” my insides can fill up with so many different emotions?  It can feel like Disney Pixar is internally filming the animated movie “Inside Out.”  Dan Lickel’s YBIC blog on marriage and the Five Things Every Husband Should Do has begun to answer this question.  Please read his insightful and practical top five list before you continue if you have not already done so.

Dan’s number one thing a husband should do for his wife is actually threefold.  Shut up.. then listen.. then shut up again.  It has taken years but through the grace of God I can occasionally be quite and let others speak.  The next step-listening-is one I hope to master at some point in my life.  Urban legend says it is possible.  Finally, to shut up again after waiting all this time really seems like something out of a fantasy tale.

Recently while visiting family we heard a homily from a dynamic young priest whose message really hit home.  He said his job as a priest is to bring others to God, and then get out of the way.  Often times in my marriage and relationships I bring myself and then get in the way.  While a noble intention and great idea for someone who is perfect, unfortunately when I bring myself I also bring all my brokenness and sin.  This can lead to a myriad of issues ultimately not in line with God’s plan for our family.

My vocation as a husband and father is to bring my family to God and then get out of the way.  In other words, shut up.. then listen.. then shut up again.  Jesus, I trust in you.


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