Trust Me

Trust me.  Two short words.  One simple sentence.  Placing your trust in another is easier said than done.  Your response to hearing these words may vary pending on the circumstance and message bearer.  From a salesperson to your spouse, from decisions on spending your money to your time, we are all confronted with the reality of trust on multiple levels every single day.

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The Great Shepherd

“I am the gate for the sheep.”

The Great Shepherd

As Christ has described himself as “the shepherd” (John 1: 1-10), we can obviously draw the conclusion that we are His sheep. Paul (Romans 1:1) calls himself a “slave to Jesus Christ.” Niether of these, on the surface, seem appealing to a first time on-looker.  In fact, I’ve had both these descriptors turned against me at some point in time by people of a different, or no faith at all. My favorite is “You’re mindless sheep, following blindly.” So, what is the one thing that binds a shepherd and his sheep above all others? Continue reading “The Great Shepherd”