The Vocations Wheel


Have you ever found yourself attempting to reinvent the wheel? I know I have. In times like that we find ourselves saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” As I watch the world around me, I find this thought reoccurring; so many aspects of society that had been finely tuned over centuries and generations are thrown out for something newer, intended to be better than what it replaced and falling short. What society has carefully groomed and allowed to grow and change organically, modern man has demolished to ground level and replaced with a cookie cutter version of what once stood in its place. Social media replaced conversations, video games replaced tree houses, privacy-fenced backyards replaced front porches, and Wii Fitness replaced actual exercise. Have we as a Church done this too?

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7: Should Priests Be Allowed To Marry?

Should it be Father or father, or can it be both?

The life of a Catholic Priest is to be single, celibate, and married to the Church. But has it always been that way?  Are there any married Catholic Priests today, because I think I might now a couple. How’s that possible?

Listen to the “Should Priests Be Allowed To Marry?” podcast and find out some interesting information about married priest as we explore it’s history and what it might mean for the clergy if it was allowed.