New Years Resolutions

I love New Year’s resolutions.  There’s always something (MANY somethings) I need to work on, and each new year gives me an opportunity to reflect on where I am and where I’d like to be at this time next year.

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As a person who likes to create lists, I take resolution creation very seriously.  I start with four categories upon which I want to improve my life: Personal, Family, Financial, and Spiritual. Then I brainstorm as many objectives as possible for each category, think about each one from a “SMART” business perspective (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based), and use that to narrow down 3-4 per category.  Lastly, I write a 1-2 sentence strategy for each objective to help me summarize how I will reach that goal.  Yeah, it’s pretty detailed. OK it’s downright nerdy without a doubt.  But I enjoy doing it once a year and it helps give me direction in my life.

Unfortunately, it gave me great pause this year when I realized I had been spending at least 2-3 times as much effort reflecting on my financial goals than my family and spiritual goals, which are the areas that need more attention. Continue reading “New Years Resolutions”