Taste the Catholic Morsels in American Pie

You don’t hear a lot of references to Catholicism in today’s music, at least not positive ones. But, in 1971 Don McLean released the album American Pie and its title track became one of the most creative goodbyes the world has ever experienced. It also was seasoned with several morsels of Catholicism that the songwriter drew from his Catholic upbringing.

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Top 5 Songs You Didn’t Know Were About God


There’s a lot of genres of music out there and most artists neatly fit into one specific category.  If you don’t like that style of music, you most likely have never heard of that artist.  However, certain songs or artists transcend a style or category of music to become household names.  This is a list of the top 5 songs that the artists would never be found in the Christian section of the music store, but released songs (some of which have propelled them into the spotlight) that are actually written about God. Continue reading “Top 5 Songs You Didn’t Know Were About God”