21: Movie Morality (Podcast)


The Good, the Bad and the Morally Offensive

Mainstream movies have an age limit that tops out at 17 / 18, so if you’re over the age of 18 you can watch, pretty much any movie  you want…right? But should you? How closely does Hollywood’s movie rating system fall in-line with that of the Church? Did you know the Church even had a rating system?

In this episode, we cover the ranking systems and how some current, classic, and our favorite movies compare to those ranking systems. I’d bet after this podcast, you might think twice about going to see certain movies, regardless of your age.

New Equipment? Too Bad for You!

We finally received the equipment necessary to patch phone calls into the podcast recordings. So, you guessed it, we reached out to some friends and family in this episode and put them on the spot!! Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

-Justin and Dan