A Case for Eucharistic Piety

It is a scene we are all familiar with. Do you remember the long lunch line from back in high school? You grabbed your tray and slugged through the line. As you reached the lunch lady, you peered back at her and she reached out with her ladle to slop a big pile of something on your plate which she assured you was a sloppy joe. For my generation, it was chicken nugget day. In the big health food craze that has hit the country in the past few years, we learned that it wasn’t actually chicken they were serving, nor are we sure what was in the mystery meat in your sloppy joe. This is a humorous exchange that has been played out in countless high school based movies and television shows. While this may be funny to observe, have we ever considered if we have experienced this feeling elsewhere?

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Where did “Mass” come from?

Have you ever considered where “Mass” came from? I know what you are thinking, this seems like a no brainer. Any Catholic who has read any of the four Gospel accounts can explain this! While that is vastly more important to know, the answer we are looking for relates to where the word came from! I find that there are a lot words in the English language we take for granted and the word “Mass” which finds itself in a Catholics frequent vocabulary may be one of them! Continue reading “Where did “Mass” come from?”