12: Technology & It’s Affect on the Youth (Podcast)


Cable, Satellite, Netflix, Hulu, Xbox, PlayStation, Social Media, Phones, Computers, Tablets, Laptops, DVD Players

How much “screen time” do your kids have with those things each day? Once we tracked it over the course of a couple days, it’s a lot more than one might think.

When do they have this screen time? If it’s first thing in the morning, or worse yet, before bed…that might be the cause of sleep issues.

How has today’s technology affected our youth? How does that relate to their relationship with God? And, as parents, is it our fault?





This morning I started my day by reading the daily readings.  One of the things I love about our Holy Mother Church is the thematic journey she takes us on with the daily readings.  It is always a great experience.  When I finished the readings I found myself dwelling on the idea of depression and its impact on our lives. Continue reading “Hurting?”