Summer Reading Challenge

Q: What do these have in common? St. Patrick’s Summer: A Children’s Adventure Catechism; Twenty Tales of Irish Saints; The Golden Legend of Young Saints; My Path to Heaven: A Young Person’s Guide to the Faith.

A: They make great books to read out loud to your children this summer and are all available free on Formed.

My 9 and 7 year old LOVE these stories. They are full of substance, and are written to capture the hearts and minds of parents and their children.

Yes These Stories ARE GREAT

I used one of the Twenty Tales of Irish Saints to captivate the attention of a middle school class I was called on last minute to watch over until lunch break at school. My daughter has asked if we can read it again.

St. Patrick’s Summer is the most inventive, fun-filled Catechism you’ll ever cross paths with. You will be learning without realizing you are learning because the author realized that telling a great story would hold everyone’s attention.

The Golden Legend takes you on an adventurous path through history with the young legends in making of our Catholic faith.

My Path to Heaven has amazing artwork full of spectacular details rich in meaning and symbolism, all designed to draw you in and start asking questions. Then you turn the page and the symbols are explained and as you go back and study the picture you feel yourself exercising the virtues and get the sense of longing  for our eternal home in heaven.

The Challenge

Your challenge is to read one of these books to your kids this summer. They are really fun and I promise it will be rewarding to spend that time together.  We usually do a chapter a night and it takes about 20 minutes. It feels like life stops while we are reading and that is important feeling for everyone to have.

I don’t know what the age limit would be on these books. I can tell you that I enjoy reading them myself.  The best thing is to try it and see. You’ll know if it’s not going to work!

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  1. Thank you for the ideas! Reading with the boys is a high priority for us this summer. These books will make a great start.

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