St Joseph: When Silence Speaks Volumes

It is often mentioned that St. Joseph is the only person in the bible that never speaks. There are several passages that recount his experiences, but not a single word is recorded that came directly from him. St. Joseph, as he is portrayed in the bible, is a man of action. Furthermore, He’s a silent witness to God, His teachings, a model for Christians (men and women), and more particularly a model of manhood. Like the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph demonstrates a meekness, but it is by no means to be interpreted as weakness.

St. Joseph’s silence coincides with his humility. His silent obedience speaks to his confidence in God, and His will. It is in the suppressing of his faith in Jesus as the Son of God (and all that Jesus’ origin entails) that we find the example of St. Joseph’s abject and unadulterated adherence to the Divine teachings and Will. Cumulatively, his characteristics would forever become a primer for growing in holiness; partly of his own free will and partly due to his association with our Blessed Mother and our Lord and Savior. As a result, St. Joseph ideally exemplifies what the scriptural passages illustrate when man is in complete submission and obedience to The Divine.

Also worth noting is St. Joseph’s willingness to be a father to Jesus in every way, with the exception of being able to be Jesus’ biological father. The humanity of Son of God was entrusted to him, a humble artisan. Holding nothing back, he instructed Jesus as any other father would instruct his son. The magnanimity St. Joseph as a husband and father exhibits is incredibly inspiring.

After reflecting on these aspects of St. Joseph, how can you be a silent witness to God, His teachings, a model for Christians, a model of manhood? Make your changes slowly and build upon them. Small things add up to big things. And as always, I encourage you to pray daily for the grace to accomplish what you need to.

Please be assured of my prayers, and may God continue to infinitely bless all of you.

In Christ,