Want to Meet God? There’s an App for That

The parables Jesus has been teaching with the last few weeks in the Gospel have been some of my favorite stories. He takes a complex situation and represents it in a way people today can understand. He teaches us about the world, what is important in life and what to avoid. What if we had a new parable that addressed what we and our children face today, in our high-tech, secular society?

Striving for the kingdom of heaven can be likened modern life. There was a man living a good life, full of blessings of all kinds: a trustworthy wife, loving children, nice career, good property and friends he could count on. As he grew older he still loved these blessings but he also became enamored with a work tool his boss gave him, a smart phone. At first, he used the phone only for calling co-workers and customers during work hours. He still focused on his family and the right priorities. But soon he began to use it for evening calls and an occasional important dinner-time email to a customer. He wasn’t talking to his kids as much during dinner. But the biggest surprise came next.

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Totally Righteous Dead Dudes

As Peter, John, and his brother James traveled up the mountain with Christ in the story of the Transfiguration, they are shown a rather shocking sight:

“His (Christ) face shone like the sun 
and his clothes became white as light.”

So, not only was Christ “glowing”, but he was standing with 2 totally righteous dead dudes (Moses and Elijah). Add in a time traveling phone booth and you’ve got a biblical version of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Continue reading “Totally Righteous Dead Dudes”

Nuanced Infallibility

Earlier this year, I was listening to a podcast with Dr. Michael Sirilla. Dr. Sirilla is a professor of Dogmatic Theology and Director of the Masters Theology Program at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Steubenville, OH. Buried in his podcast was a paradigm-shift moment for me. To listen to that podcast click HERE.  Although a bit lengthy, in this podcast Dr. Sirilla lays out what the Church actually means when she says that she is infallible. It was after hearing this well-articulated, that I came to realize just how many Catholics—myself included—had or still have a misunderstanding when it comes to the Church’s teaching on her own infallibility. And if it is misunderstood by so many Catholics, should it surprise us that our Protestant brothers and sisters are often misguided as well? Although the full extent of this topic cannot be covered here, nor am I the qualified individual to do so, I do wish to attempt to shed some light on just what this doctrines mean when the Church proclaims that the Pope and the Magisterium are infallible.

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Even a Hero Can Use a Little Help


When my oldest child was just five, she would say cute things. The kind of things your kid says that makes you both laugh and hug them. She still says cute things now and again, but with grown up ideas. They all grow up at some point, but they still remember when they were looking for a hero.

Back in 2003, right after turning 5 years old, my daughter unintentionally got me started on a new hobby. Writing down her cute sayings.

According to the dates in my log, this was the first: “I’m going to be the Hero of the day!” she exclaimed. Then, quietly added, “Lift me up so I can be the hero.”

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Over the Top

Image result for WWI over the top

A saying which found its way into English vocabulary during World War One, “over the top” describes the situation where unfortunate infantrymen were to leave their trenches and charge into no man’s land in an attempt to gain ground. No man’s land was the area between two opposing trench lines and is aptly called so due to the low survival rates of those who entered into it. As deadly as no man’s land was, it is estimated that around one-third of all casualties in World War One occurred in the trenches themselves be it from; disease, biological weapons or combat. What was supposedly the safest place for a soldier, statistically was one of the most dangerous places to be.

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