Book Review: Searching for and Maintaining Peace by Jacques Philippe

Dan, this website is really awesome. Thanks for creating it. If you guys like to read, check out Searching for and Maintaining Peace by Jacques Philippe. We are currently reading it in our Team 9 small group. It is a small book and reads like a devotional but it is pack full of good material. For example, I just got through reading two chapters that talk about putting on our spiritual armor and dealing with our everyday battles. It describes our fight against evil like a battleground that we must continue all the way until the very end. I know we have all heard that message before but this books describes it beautifully. It is a very easy read and I highly recommend it. I found it interesting that one of the daily readings this week was on the exact same subject using the same scripture. Anyway, I just wanted to share. I think I will start using this blog a lot, if that’s okay. I dig it man.

-Justin Morgan (Feb-2015)