Even a Hero Can Use a Little Help


When my oldest child was just five, she would say cute things. The kind of things your kid says that makes you both laugh and hug them. She still says cute things now and again, but with grown up ideas. They all grow up at some point, but they still remember when they were looking for a hero.

Back in 2003, right after turning 5 years old, my daughter unintentionally got me started on a new hobby. Writing down her cute sayings.

According to the dates in my log, this was the first: “I’m going to be the Hero of the day!” she exclaimed. Then, quietly added, “Lift me up so I can be the hero.”

I thought it was adorable and laughed. Yet, I’ve thought a lot about what she said that day, and it sounds more like genius with each passing year.

Sure, we know Supergirl is fiction, but that doesn’t mean people can’t strive to be heroic.  First, this moment of her childhood is genius because she is going to be the hero of the day, and she says it with enthusiasm. Second, she realizes she needs help to be that hero. Third, she asks for help, not randomly, but with the intention of accomplishing her goal. And her goal is good.

There is so much beauty in the exchange I wish you could see it played out in living 3D, with her so energetic in her white with multicolored polka dot shirt and pretty blond hair. She thrusts her fist into the air as she says, “I’m going to be the hero of the day!” I believe she really wanted to be the hero and save someone’s day. Probably her mom’s day. Before a moment had passed, she knew she needed help and she instantly turned to her father, who was right there. She asked me for help with such sincerity, I would have done anything for her to make that happen. And as the years go by, I hear God’s lesson in the voice of my sweet, little five-year-old girl.

When you want to do big things and be heroic, jump in with enthusiasm. And right after that, without missing a beat, ask your father for help with what you intend to do. If we do that and ask God for help through prayer focused on something truly good, He’s going to help us. As sure as we’d help our own kids. He says as much in Matthew 7:9-11.

Which one of you would hand his son a stone when he asks for a loaf of bread, or a snake when he asks for a fish? If you then, who are wicked, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good things to those who ask him.

One of the beautiful things about her request was the lack of doubt. We should all have that confidence in God, because He will not let us down.

She and my other two children end up teaching me many things about the world, even more about how God sees me as his child, and how to really enjoy life. Sometimes, it’s good to be the dad. More often, though, it’s good to be a child of God.