Do I count dollars, hours, and suffering?

I’m trying to deepen my relationship with God by growing in my knowledge of Him. Love comes from knowing the other, and I want to love more. I’m slowly reading through a little book I have called My Way of Life. It takes the Summa Theologica by Aquinas and puts in terms for everyone (I still wouldn’t call it light reading though). The quote that got me yesterday was describing our capacity to love and the infinite measure of His love. In describing a great capacity to love it spoke of the generous love of great souls, the “recklessly gallant whose love does not count dollars, hours, sufferings, or even life itself.”

I immediately started reflecting on that. How often have I been hesitant to be generous and counted how much an act of love will cost, either in giving up potential earnings or in actual spending? Or how much time it will take up? As well as what inconveniences and dislikes I’ll have to suffer through? These types of decisions are in front of me all the time, throughout each day. At times I’m aware of it and at times I may hardly notice. Have I loved generously? Yes.  Have I held back that generosity after counting dollars, hours or suffering? Yes again. How can I get to the place where I don’t even count? That is where I want to be.