The Heart of Every Man

“In the heart of every man is a desire to be brave, to be good, and to protect.” This quote by Catholic apologist Matt Fradd speaks powerfully to my feminine heart.  Ever since I was a little girl, I knew these truths about men.  I was shown them in a deep and genuine way by the men in my life.  My Dad was (and still is) one of my heroes.  Himself a farm boy, he was hardworking, self-sacrificing, full of faith and affectionate to his four children.  When I was young, it seemed to me that Dad never made the wrong choice and was the wisest man in the whole wide world!  He was exceptionally brave (even releasing the dead mice from the traps – which none of us girls could ever do).  I had an overwhelming sense that all was well if Dad was near. Continue reading “The Heart of Every Man”

Families Set Apart

Growing up in the Kmiecik home is totally unfair!  Just ask my children.  They’ll insist that sometimes their parents are unreasonable and controlling.  One reason being that they set limits on their screen time.  Even though my boys are teenagers and obviously know what is best for themselves.  “Mom, you think we play too many video games?  You have no idea!  Everyone else spends way more time gaming than we do!” Continue reading “Families Set Apart”

The Joy of Fasting

Twelve years ago this month, tragedy struck my family.  My brother Brett, at the age of 27, died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep.  In the months of sorrow that followed, each remaining member of our family grieved differently.  Some were angry, others felt guilty, some needed to talk, and others kept silent.  I was sick with worry for Brett’s soul.  I needed to do something more than pray for him, something tangible; so I fasted.  I prayed that the Lord would use my offering to shorten Brett’s stay in purgatory.  I felt that, through fasting, I could somehow stay connected with Brett and he would continue to feel my love.  Continue reading “The Joy of Fasting”

Risk, Reflect, Recreate: Ideas for a Meaningful Lent – And Life

Recently my husband, Scott, and I attended the wedding of a friend.  As the ceremony was coming to a close, the pastor decided to send the couple forth with some powerful words of wisdom.  He shared the results of a study in which men and women, age 90 and older, were asked what they would do differently if they could live their lives over again.  Interestingly, the most popular responses were not regrets held by the individuals polled, wishing they could take back something they’d done.  Instead, the top three replies were actions they wished they would have taken.  First of all, they wished they would have taken more risks, they also wished they would have taken more time to reflect on their lives, and thirdly, they wished they would have taken more time for recreation.  Continue reading “Risk, Reflect, Recreate: Ideas for a Meaningful Lent – And Life”