Easter Sunrise – Two Roman Soldiers Encounter Eternity

As the tremors from the earthquake subsided, Cassius looked toward Golgotha in the distance. People were panicked, moving down the path quickly. Dark clouds boiled over the hills and over all of Jerusalem.  Behind him, he could hear screams coming from inside the walls of the city. It was chaos. One of many Roman soldiers ordered to watch for trouble as another radical was crucified, Cassius could not believe how dark it had become.  It was as if the earthquake had thrown sand into the air and blotted out the sun. Sand was everywhere, pelting him – driven by the wind. He wondered what could be happening on that hill as the man the Jews called Jesus was being crucified. Continue reading “Easter Sunrise – Two Roman Soldiers Encounter Eternity”

St. Patrick’s Life Teaches True Success

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin is named for the patron saint of Ireland.

St. Patrick’s life has a story to tell. His story is different from the lesson the world has deployed countless shills to teach us. The world drives home its lesson in both subtle and in-your-face messages in movies and television shows. Society desperately wants us to believe that a real man fights for everything he gets, overcomes obstacles, including other people that get in his way and he doesn’t stop, certainly not for any moral reasons, until he has attained a certain status – become lord of his own kingdom – by achieving success. However, there is a flaw in the lesson: it’s not true. St. Patrick’s life story proves it.

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Set Your Soul on FIRE

I’m standing atop this rickety, shaking pole some 50 feet above the ground wondering exactly how I’m going to get back to solid turf without breaking my back. The breeze seems like a gale force wind and I’m standing on a square hunk of board the size of a lunch tray. The problem is, another man is also standing on this tiny piece of real estate, way up in the air, because it’s a team-building event. Next, we get to leap into the air to try catching a trapeze bar hanging some 8 feet away at eye level. The thought of this makes my hands sweat and I can’t peel my eyes off the ground, so far away. Somehow I thought it would be great to be the first pair to go up the “power pole” at Prairie Star Ranch. Before I tell you of my leap of faith, though, let me tell you about the retreat. Continue reading “Set Your Soul on FIRE”