Go! Listen to your Mother

On the morning of June 21, 2014 I headed up to St. Patrick Catholic Church in Kansas City, KS. The statue of Our Lady of Fatima was touring the U.S. and I went to the Mass and the talk on Fatima afterwards. That morning I was blessed with a sublime spiritual moment from our Blessed Mother that continues to impact me every single day of my life. And it just so happens that Sacred Heart is hosting the statue with Mass, Adoration, and a talk this Friday, May 5. My advice, adjust your schedule for Mary and go! (Click here for the schedule)
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Redefining Success

How do you measure success on a daily basis? What gives you that feeling that it has been a good day? I judge how successful each day is by thinking of what I set out to do versus what I get done. If I do everything on my list and then some, I call it a pretty awesome day. Even if I am close to getting everything done it is still a good day. But if things derail, then I remove the good label and replace it with lousy or terrible, a day best forgotten. Recently, I encountered Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. I discovered in that encounter that my yardstick is all wrong, I need to redefine success. Continue reading “Redefining Success”

Do I count dollars, hours, and suffering?

I’m trying to deepen my relationship with God by growing in my knowledge of Him. Love comes from knowing the other, and I want to love more. I’m slowly reading through a little book I have called My Way of Life. It takes the Summa Theologica by Aquinas and puts in terms for everyone (I still wouldn’t call it light reading though). The quote that got me yesterday was describing our capacity to love and the infinite measure of His love. In describing a great capacity to love it spoke of the generous love of great souls, the “recklessly gallant whose love does not count dollars, hours, sufferings, or even life itself.” Continue reading “Do I count dollars, hours, and suffering?”

I’m no match for Jesus

After communion Sunday I was contemplating my own unworthiness and my weaknesses. I try to ask Mary for her Immaculate Heart before I go up to receive Jesus and then enjoy the company of Jesus in Mary’s heart in me. I’m there with them, soaking up every second of it. I started wondering if that’s how St Joseph felt at times. So I brought St Joseph into my meditation, there I was with St. Joseph enjoying the company of the Holy Family. And all of this is in my heart, what love God has for us! And I realized that despite who I am and all of my faults, I really am no match for Jesus. Continue reading “I’m no match for Jesus”