The Holy Ghost Is Strong With This One!

By now we are all familiar with the Facebook Star Wars meme; When I watch Start Wars and hear the line, “May the force be with you,” I respond “And also with you.” It’s a humorous similarity that many Catholics have observed between the now legendary series and their faith. The similarity exists on purpose. George Lucas has admitted that the inspiration for his films and characters came from many sources, classic literature, westerns and more. Among other influences was various aspects of Catholicism. Specifically, the Jedi Knights were inspired by the long-gone monastic military orders of the middle ages. The Order of Malta is the only one of these monastic orders remaining (pictured above, looking like Jedi), though their focus is now no longer militarily!

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Broken Pieces

The creation account in Genesis 1 repeats many themes. One that stands out is the repetition that as God looks upon His work, he observes that it is good. This is fitting because at the heart of creation is an origin in God. All that God is, is good. Things like justice, mercy, beauty, wisdom, patience, strength; the list goes on. All that is not good is a departure from God. As creatures, from our Creator, we are each imparted with these gifts in various arrangements. One of these traits I find to be universal, though surfacing different for each individual, is the instinctual desire to fix things.

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Where did “Mass” come from?

Have you ever considered where “Mass” came from? I know what you are thinking, this seems like a no brainer. Any Catholic who has read any of the four Gospel accounts can explain this! While that is vastly more important to know, the answer we are looking for relates to where the word came from! I find that there are a lot words in the English language we take for granted and the word “Mass” which finds itself in a Catholics frequent vocabulary may be one of them! Continue reading “Where did “Mass” come from?”

Seasons Past

As we look back onto the Lenten season, one of the aspects of our faith that was pulled off the trophy rack for its annual dusting was fasting and abstinence. Today many of us grumble at the one Wednesday and seven Fridays the Church requires us to fast and abstain a year. For some it is such a foreign concept, that it takes one or two Fridays into Lent to remember the routine. This usually is pictured in the accidental eating of hamburger pizza at the monthly staff birthday party or leftover chicken noodle soup. There was a time in the Church when fasting was a year-round practice. As Dan and Justin commented in one of their recent podcast, each Friday is a day of penance by obligation and prior to a few changes following the Second Vatican Council, was a binding day of abstinence as well. This was such common practice that it is allegedly the reason McDonald’s started offering the Filet-O-Fish menu item in 1962, to bring back the Catholic market share each Friday.
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One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

I was recently in conversation with a friend of mine. We often use each other as a spiritual sounding board and share our struggles and successes with one another. He and I both have an issue with pride that manifests itself for us in different ways. As our conversation progressed to its apex, my friend revealed that he often feels as though he has taken one step forward and three steps back. I think this is a feeling we have all had from time to time, but I tried to offer him something from my experience of this same sensation. Perhaps it is not that he has taken one step forward and three steps back, but rather, the new perspective from the step he has taken reveals his destination is two steps further away than he had thought.

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Lenten Freeze

Recently I was leaving Mass at St. Philippine Duchesne and I held the door for an elderly nun as we both walked out to the parking lot. We exchanged small talk on the way to our cars, mostly centered on the weather. This was the morning of the short reemergence of winter. I noted that it was quite the contrast to see a fresh coat of snow resting on the new blossoms and leaves as the various trees emerged from their winter dormancy. As we closed out our short and cordial conversation, she made the comment that this seemed more appropriate, more like Lent than Easter (as we had been experiencing). Amazing how in such a low key conversation, we were able to dive inadvertently into the deeper meaning of this season. Continue reading “Lenten Freeze”