The Great Shepherd

“I am the gate for the sheep.”

The Great Shepherd

As Christ has described himself as “the shepherd” (John 1: 1-10), we can obviously draw the conclusion that we are His sheep. Paul (Romans 1:1) calls himself a “slave to Jesus Christ.” Niether of these, on the surface, seem appealing to a first time on-looker.  In fact, I’ve had both these descriptors turned against me at some point in time by people of a different, or no faith at all. My favorite is “You’re mindless sheep, following blindly.” So, what is the one thing that binds a shepherd and his sheep above all others? Continue reading “The Great Shepherd”

The Road to Emmaus

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“Lord, You Will Show Us The Path of Life”

Faith is a journey and the Church is deeply rooted in constant movement. Think of the faithful pilgrimages by the thousands of His followers. Heck, you can’t make it through a single chapter in the New Testament without hearing about Christ or His followers traveling from one point to another. It’s exhausting… but necessary.  Take a moment and reflect on your own faith journey. Consider the times you felt strong and weak in your relationship with God, what were your other relationships like? Did the ‘status’ of your life reflect your relationship with God? Throughout history things like; art, architecture, politics, social order, and economics have been interconnected. Are your family, friendships, finances, and faith connected? Continue reading “The Road to Emmaus”

The Last Supper: Who’s Who

Tonight, Holy Thursday, Christ will gather with His Apostles and eat the last supper. Leonardo da Vinci gave us his vision of that event over 500 years ago. It is one of the most famous and reproduced pieces of art throughout history. His painting has served as the “snapshot” to what most people visualize when thinking about the last supper.

Which One is Which?

So we know the story and I’d venture to say that we’ve all seen this image. That’s Jesus in the middle and he’s surrounded by the 12 Apostles, right.  But can you look across the table and identify each Apostle by name?  Da Vinci placed some hints in his masterpiece to help identify some of the Apostles. Do you see them?  Something to remember, this image depicts the moment Christ says “one of you will betray Me.” Continue reading “The Last Supper: Who’s Who”

The Last Man on Earth – Episode 4


The Last Man on Earth – Blindside Podcast – Your Brothers in Christ, Kansas City (YBiCKC).

The “blindside” podcast is a new series where one of us prepared a question and blindsides the other person for a more ‘organic’ conversation. This episode, Dan blindsided Justin regarding the TV show “The Last Man on Earth”…FYI, having seen the show is NOT a prerequisite. We hope you enjoy it.


All images belong to the Fox Network and the show “The Last Man on Earth”.