Angel Eyes… A Vision of the World

In 1998 Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage starred in the very successful romantic fantasy film City of Angels.  Based on Wem Wender’s previous film Wings of Desire made in the late 80’s, the film’s story line is of an angel falling in love with a mortal woman.  Through their singular relationship the film also explores the greater relationship shared between humans and Angels as part of their greater existence.

Admittedly, Angels don’t come up in much of my daily conversation with others and I would doubt they find context in lives of most people.  However, the more I learn about Angels the more I think we should.

If you drop the word “Angels” into the search tool you quickly become reminded of how Angels adorn our lives.  Jewelry, home accents, yard items, candle holders, party favors, and even ceiling fans are, but a few, of the available categories.  Not to mention the additional outflow of Angel mania that happens at Christmas – Angels are big business!  Which brings us to all the books.  Much like the proverbial Christmas Album that all once-popular / creatively searching musicians eventually make. It appears that longstanding modern Christian writers eventually take the Angelic lap around the publishing house floor.  One example is the popular protestant author Dr. David Jeremiah and his book Angels – who they are and how they help.  What the Bible reveals!  Even the great American evangelist Billy Graham still has his for sale with a Kindle edition available. Continue reading “Angel Eyes… A Vision of the World”

True Confessions


Have you ever gotten a summer cold?

Man have I had one lately and it has just taken me off the board in many ways. Lesson learned – be mindful of underwater swimming competitions with your son in this kind of weather. The sinus cavities just are not up to the task against the chlorine.

It’s weird though the way a cold works. You go through a bowt with something in which you are really messed up, and then you go through this extended period of recovery. I am in that recovery period now with the cold. I’ll start to cough for what seems like no reason and I’ll feel extremely congested. So I then I blow my nose which evacuates a tremendous amount of gook on an unsuspecting Kleenex and then it’s a miracle – all of the sudden I can breathe again. I am back to full health – until the next time I cough. It’s a repetitive cycle.

So I am leaving church the other day and it strikes me how similar my cold is to the Sacrament of Penance. My life is moving forward and then all of the sudden I get congested and start coughing again. If I blow my nose, or go to confession, I feel so much better. If I manage through with cough drops and avoidance, things just keep getting worse. Continue reading “True Confessions”

A Prayer for Reason

Several years ago as a project in the Cub Scouts my son and I built a bird house together. After the joy of sharing that experience with him, we celebrated our success by hanging the little home just off our back deck. A little home, next to our big home. An opportunity for us to further appreciate and observe those creatures that share our space in the world.  We soon added several feeders and other items to make our back yard green space an open invitation to nature.

Not long thereafter a family of Cardinals nested in our back yard. How perfect I thought, as we are originally from Illinois, which carries the Cardinal as its state bird. A natural fit. It wasn’t long after taking in our “new neighbors” that I learned something I had never known about Cardinals – the males, by nature, are very territorial. When they find another male poking around the nest, they attack the other bird by charging at it.

As reckless bravery goes, what I also learned is that these birds don’t come naturally with overly developed brains either. A Cardinal need merely only think it’s nest is being threatened for it to attack, and such a deception comes quite easily with a modern reflective window. Because our friend and neighbor, the male Cardinal, after perching himself on occasion a top our deck to hunt and survey the world that is our shared back yard, noticed himself in the reflection of our full length deck window. Which of course he then, without reservation, charged intently and mercilessly right into the glass.

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I,I, I…Me, Me, Me

Lent is here!  You really can’t miss it, nor should you.  Even if you weren’t paying attention you can’t escape all of the tell tale signs.  Ash Wednesday, the first Parish Fish Fry, stations of the cross being offered and then of course there are the great readings Holy Mother Church gives us this week on the first Sunday of the Lenten season. In the recent movement of the weekly readings we have shifted quickly from a calm loving sense of reassurance to a freezing cold bucket of ice water dumped squarely on our heads.

Hey….wake up buddy! It’s not about you!

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This morning I started my day by reading the daily readings.  One of the things I love about our Holy Mother Church is the thematic journey she takes us on with the daily readings.  It is always a great experience.  When I finished the readings I found myself dwelling on the idea of depression and its impact on our lives. Continue reading “Hurting?”

Leadership Researchers Prove the Genius of Christ




Attunement (defined): 1. “A bringing into harmony.” 2. “To make aware or responsive.”

From the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 20, 26-28 (from the request of James and John): But it shall not be so among you. Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave. Just so, the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom* for many.” Continue reading “Leadership Researchers Prove the Genius of Christ”