Book Review “Into the Deep” by Robert Rogers.

Hello to all.  I am not a great writer, but I just finished a book that I feel all of you should consider reading.  The book is titled Into the Deep and it is by Robert Rogers.  This is a true story of a family of 6 living in Liberty, Mo.  The background of this family is amazing to begin with, a couple with 4 children, the oldest daughter who was 8 at the time of the story, a brother named Zachary who was born with Down syndrome, another son, and then a year old adopted daughter from China.  On Labor Day weekend of 2003 (i might be a year off), the family traveled to Wichita for a family wedding and headed home in a downpour late that night.  Just south of Emporia their can was caught in a flash flood at Jacob Creek near mile marker 116.  Their van stalled and water began to enter the van.  Soon a wall of water gushing at 30,000 gallons a second hit their van, wiped out the concrete median and pushed their van off the turnpike.  The husband, his wife, and oldest daughter were sucked out of the window that was broken open, the younger three were trapped in their car seats.  In the end, the father survived, and his wife and children sadly passed away.  However, his story of faith before, during, and after this tragedy is what made me unable to put this book down.  I literally began on Wednesday at noon and finished the 230ish page book on Thursday at noon.

I checked out the book from the Bonner Springs Library, but there are a couple copies available through JoCo libraries and I believe it can be purchased on amazon for 10-15 bucks.

I have attached a link to a video about this amazing guy.  If it doesn’t work, youtube Robert Rogers.  The pics do not do this justice.  Jill and I had just started dating not long before this and were actually headed to Wichita the day after this flood.  The destruction in such a short time from the water was incredible.

Bless you all