22: President of Benedictine College (The Power of Prayer)

The Power of Prayer

What do Lou Holtz, Mike Sweeney, and the Pope have in common? They each believe in the power of prayer and at the center of some pretty miraculous events is the President of Benedictine College, Steve Minnis.

We had a great interview with President Minnis during this podcast as he showed us the power of prayer and what it means to say “yes” to Our Mother Mary. If you’ve ever doubted what prayer can do, we ask you to take a listen…and prepare to be amazed.

-Justin and Dan

Reading Between the Lines

History is filled with famous quotes and one liners. Many have become linchpins for history’s famous speeches, treatises and essays. Unfortunately, some of these quotes gathered from throughout history are more legend than reality. Not a few of these fraudulent quotes are attributed to famous Catholic Churchmen, some well-intentioned and others not so much. Below are three such quotes.

“Kill them all. For the Lord knows those that are His own.”

This quote has been attributed to the Cistercian Abbot Arnaud Amalric. The Abbot has gone down in history as one of the most infamous figures from the Albigensian heresy and its suppression. This quote has been used for anti-Catholic rhetoric for centuries. Fortunately, modern scholarship has come a long way and cast major doubts that this quote was even said at all. Its first appearance comes decades after and from a source far removed from the event it is attributed to. Its author was also known for his deviance from historical accuracy. To learn more about this non-quote click HERE. Continue reading “Reading Between the Lines”

21: Movie Morality (Podcast)


The Good, the Bad and the Morally Offensive

Mainstream movies have an age limit that tops out at 17 / 18, so if you’re over the age of 18 you can watch, pretty much any movie  you want…right? But should you? How closely does Hollywood’s movie rating system fall in-line with that of the Church? Did you know the Church even had a rating system?

In this episode, we cover the ranking systems and how some current, classic, and our favorite movies compare to those ranking systems. I’d bet after this podcast, you might think twice about going to see certain movies, regardless of your age.

New Equipment? Too Bad for You!

We finally received the equipment necessary to patch phone calls into the podcast recordings. So, you guessed it, we reached out to some friends and family in this episode and put them on the spot!! Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

-Justin and Dan

Angel Eyes… A Vision of the World

In 1998 Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage starred in the very successful romantic fantasy film City of Angels.  Based on Wem Wender’s previous film Wings of Desire made in the late 80’s, the film’s story line is of an angel falling in love with a mortal woman.  Through their singular relationship the film also explores the greater relationship shared between humans and Angels as part of their greater existence.

Admittedly, Angels don’t come up in much of my daily conversation with others and I would doubt they find context in lives of most people.  However, the more I learn about Angels the more I think we should.

If you drop the word “Angels” into the Amazon.com search tool you quickly become reminded of how Angels adorn our lives.  Jewelry, home accents, yard items, candle holders, party favors, and even ceiling fans are, but a few, of the available categories.  Not to mention the additional outflow of Angel mania that happens at Christmas – Angels are big business!  Which brings us to all the books.  Much like the proverbial Christmas Album that all once-popular / creatively searching musicians eventually make. It appears that longstanding modern Christian writers eventually take the Angelic lap around the publishing house floor.  One example is the popular protestant author Dr. David Jeremiah and his book Angels – who they are and how they help.  What the Bible reveals!  Even the great American evangelist Billy Graham still has his for sale with a Kindle edition available. Continue reading “Angel Eyes… A Vision of the World”

Taste the Catholic Morsels in American Pie

You don’t hear a lot of references to Catholicism in today’s music, at least not positive ones. But, in 1971 Don McLean released the album American Pie and its title track became one of the most creative goodbyes the world has ever experienced. It also was seasoned with several morsels of Catholicism that the songwriter drew from his Catholic upbringing.

Continue reading “Taste the Catholic Morsels in American Pie”