Our Story

It started with one of those annoying retreat weekends through Church (Christ Renews His Parish – CRHP) that you were partially, or in some cases, completely forced into attending. Tagged onto the backside of that weekend was an additional 6 months of weekly meetings. Sounds like a lot, right? Prior to attending this half-year adventure, the whole thing seemed to be too much. However, looking back it’s easy to see that experience was the catalyst to Your Brothers in Christ.

At the end of the 6 months, a lot of the men (reinvigorated in their faith) created small groups to continue learning and challenging each other. As the group continued over the following year, it started to attract other men. Some of these men were from the parish, while some had attended the same retreat years earlier. We even had one man from a different religion. It started to become clear, the group had to move out from one man’s basement and into a larger space at the Church.

The original invitation from Sacred Heart of Jesus (Shawnee, Kansas) to move the group to the Church was to offer the men of the parish access to the group as simply a book club. However, the more we prayed and reflected on it, we thought a book club might turn guys away who weren’t big readers. We decided the group needed to incorporate as many tools to grow in the faith as we could find. So, as we launched our first meeting in July of 2015 with an offering of DVD series, movies, CD’s, guest speakers, and social events like baseball games and religious trivia nights. We also offered monthly group service projects ranging from feeding the homeless to visiting men in prison.

Over the next year and half, we realized the constant chaos of being a husband / father in today’s world with school, homework, sports, music lessons, doctor appointments, travel schedules, etc… prevented a consistency in attendance. Finding a day/time that met everyone’s availability became impossible. We decided to take a step back and re-think our approach. I know this sounds cliché, but we needed to find a better way to meet men where they were. We needed to provide the same type of information and inspiration, but in a format they could access as their time allowed. Hence, the birth of the YBiC Blog.

So, at the beginning of 2017, the YBiC decided to go digital. Our goal hasn’t changed, only the format in which we deliver it. So, we invited some of the members of the ministry to be Contributing Writers. We made sure it was an assorted group; converts, cradle-Catholics, married, married with children, with an age range from 20’s to 40’s. At the same time, we decided to keep the two “in-person” activities that sustained the most attendance over the years of the YBiC; guest speakers and service opportunities.

Every month we still serve dinner to the homeless men of Kansas City, provide help to Harvesters – The Community Food Network, and visit the men in prison. We also kept the guest speakers at Church, only now we meet once a quarter. Sometimes we substitute the speaker with a good movie, but we still try and meet every quarter for fellowship.

If you would like to know more about service opportunities or when the next meeting will be, you have several ways to get a hold of us or follow us:

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