About Us

The Your Brother’s in Christ, Kansas City ministry (YBICKC) embraces and supports the invitation all men have to grow closer in relationship to Jesus Christ. YBiC meets men where they are at in their faith journey, entrusts prayer to strengthen and support one another in community, facilitates faith education and promotes acts of Christian service.

YBiC delivers on this commitment through a combination of approaches. We extends outreach through social media resources, as well as by supporting unique opportunities for men to come together and grow in their faith. Our social media approach serves the Body of Christ through an open on-line community by faith discussion opportunities, by a digital bulletin board to connect seekers and gatherers of information on Catholic living, by seeking further understanding of the word of God as revealed through Sacred Scripture, by sharing national discussions around Catechesis, and by faith witnessing shared through a narrative format.

YBiC supports unique opportunities for men to come together and grow in faith by facilitating audiences for community speakers on Catholic living, connecting the Christian community in fellowship and celebrations of Christian brotherhood, and by supporting targeted efforts of Christian service. YBiC exists in active support of Jesus’ Universal Church and the active engagement of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Shawnee, KS.