20: Simon of Cyrene (Podcast)

In this episode of the show we discuss another Biblical character, Simon of Cyrene. How much do you know about him? Where is Cyrene and what was he doing in Jerusalem? Was he Jewish? Why was he (specifically) called upon to participate in the single greatest event in human history?


We cover all these questions and more as we look into a small yet significant person from the Bible.

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  1. First time I have ever heard of this. It would have been so very Sad yet so Awesome..to have seen JESUS Christ.in person and to have helped JESUS Christ carry his Cross.. I’m Not perfect,but I do love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.. and praying I and my whole family.get to spend Eternity in Heaven..with the Father,Son,Holy spirit. I praying Jesus Christ.forgives Me..for All my sins…I Love you.Jesus… Your Daughter. Jeannie Parker….

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