Encountering Christ… by the elevator

November 28

Dear diary,

I encountered Christ today at work and it was the strangest moment. While waiting to get on the elevator he walked up smiling and talking with a coworker. Only, you might guess that he wasn’t dressed in a tunic and sandals. Frankly, he wasn’t himself at all. That didn’t keep me from recognizing him, though, partly masked yet completely visible in the joy radiating from a woman. This woman was excitedly talking to her coworker about some project. She was sharing about the challenges of the project, but not like many people would – with a sigh and heavy heart. She detailed the challenges like a person about to embark on a hike up Mount Kilimanjaro and totally ecstatic about the climb ahead, embracing the trials and obstacles to overcome.

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Have You Seen My Family?

We recently went through all the joys that come with moving.  Along with the stress, the excitement, and the drama – once you get settled in comes those special invitations to come and see the new house.  So is our custom whenever my brother or I move.  The other comes and checks out the new place at the earliest possible convenience.

My brother is in his mid-forties and has been married for 5 years and has no children.  In the midst of all the excitement of the weekend, he and I were finally able to find some quality one on one time.  After celebrating how much they enjoy my kids and my kids enjoy them, I found a very tactful way of asking him if they were ever going to have children themselves.  The heartbreaking answer came back to me that my brother and his wife decided they were joining the growing legion of aging couples in this country making the same decision.  My aspirations for Uncle-hood ended abruptly. Continue reading “Have You Seen My Family?”

Hollywood Tells Subtle Lie, Portrays Abortion Industry as Compassionate

Watching ABC’s drama “A Million Little Things” last week reminded me how warped Hollywood is when it comes to portraying real truth. One of the characters on the show, a recent widow, finds herself pregnant from an affair with her husband’s friend. In Hollywood, that’s enough fact right there to justify an abortion – ending an innocent life. Actually, in Hollywood there is no fact needed to justify abortion. Hollywood pushes the story that any abortion is a good choice.

I believe abortion is tragic and hurts women. But, while some people recognize those facts, this episode told a lie so subtle and cunning that it could only have one author.  The prince of lies. Continue reading “Hollywood Tells Subtle Lie, Portrays Abortion Industry as Compassionate”

Thomas Equine-ous

One of the recurrent themes found throughout many cultures and across time is that of man’s mastery over animals and the physical world. Man’s taming of the wild—or lack thereof—has also come to represent his own interior life as well. This is why statues of great warriors on horses dot historic cities. The great heroes and heroines of history were people who tamed their inner desires to serve their goals. This contrasts in many respects to the image of the centaur preferred by the infamous Machiavelli. The centaur—half man, half horse—representing man who lets his unbridled passions rule his life, just as equally and at times more prominently, than his civility and reason. For those of us in the Midwest, a draft horse is perhaps a better analogy to understand what role our desires have to play in our lives.

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