Demand Jesus

Recently at Mass our 9 year-old daughter gave me some pretty powerful insight into what God the Father expects out of me.  As we were walking down the steps from the balcony seating area with the choir in full swing, our daughter tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear, “That sure is a demanding song.”

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Strategic Communication

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I have a curious relationship—and lengthy history—with the concept of language. To start with, I am dyslexic, which among other things, causes me some difficulty with grasping the nuances of writing and grammar– praise be to God for editors! More relevant though, I find the development and use of language to be very interesting as well. The term “politically correct” has slowly entered the lexicon of most Americans in the last few decades. Likewise, I know many people who fall on either side of this love/hate relationship term. I do not mind using alternative terms and phrases in certain situations. I understand the need for prudence around sensitive topics, but not at the expense of detracting from truth. Please forgive the quick history lesson, I promise it ties into the aims of this blog! Continue reading “Strategic Communication”

It is Better to Suffer for Doing Good than for Doing Evil

Since hearing this in a homily it manifested into a maxim of sorts. When I have a moral decision to make and my lack of virtue is apparent it comes in handy. Choosing the good comes easily when you have the virtue. You don’t have to think about it, you just do it. It is a skill. When virtue is lacking you may start to negotiate internally. You wane or waver over the moral choice.

This is where the maxim comes in. I remind myself that it is better to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. It has helped a lot because when we lack virtue we are going to suffer in some way depending on our choice. When that virtue gets built up we can choose the good without feeling it as suffering or loss on our part. This concept takes a little getting used to. Below I toss off two examples from my own life to clarify. Continue reading “It is Better to Suffer for Doing Good than for Doing Evil”

20: Simon of Cyrene (Podcast)

In this episode of the show we discuss another Biblical character, Simon of Cyrene. How much do you know about him? Where is Cyrene and what was he doing in Jerusalem? Was he Jewish? Why was he (specifically) called upon to participate in the single greatest event in human history?


We cover all these questions and more as we look into a small yet significant person from the Bible.

So Far, So Good?

The year to get fit, lose weight, eat better, drink more water and eat less sweets. And/ Or was it the year to pray more, say a daily rosary, go to adoration more, and attend a weekday mass. Maybe you threw in being nicer to people, more tolerant, more merciful, or maybe more volunteering to those in need. So, what are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018… and more importantly, how’s it going so far?

After 4 days into the new year, I can tell you that somehow all my resolutions have been burnt to the ground! As soon as my feet hit the ground on Tuesday (1/2), which for me was the first work day of 2018, I got hit by several “not-so-nice” emails from work followed by an onslaught of crap I don’t really want to get into. It took a good 10 minutes that morning to convince myself not to turn off my phone and crawl back into bed. During that 10-minute internal debate I wondered, “Is this how my 2018 is going to be?” Continue reading “So Far, So Good?”

And the Survey Says….

Recently I was surfing through Facebook and the Fast Money portion of Family Feud came across my thread. I decided to watch it for some unknown reason. One of the questions in particular caught my attention. That question was: “a survey of one hundred people, how many true friends would you say you have?” The first contestant said 3 which was #2 on the list with 21 people. The second contestant said 2, which was # 1 with 22 people. At first, I found it a little sad and almost alarming that nearly 50% of the people think they only have 2 or 3 true friends. Then, I thought to myself, how many do I have? Continue reading “And the Survey Says….”