The Memorial of the Lord

In the time since David’s crossover piece (read HERE) and my initial post on the Eucharist, I have been approached on a number of occasions by a handful of readers who have expressed interest in knowing more about the dichotomy between the two allowed forms of receiving communion. These conversations have taken several forms: inquiry, suspicion and even concern. In response to these conversations, I feel it is worth examining the document the Church used to grant the allowance of the form of reception we are most accustomed to seeing—reception in the hand. The document itself is only four pages long plus a citations page. The document in its entirety can be read HERE. For the time-conscious, I wish to offer the abridged version and highlights. My hope is that you find this post persuasive for Church tradition, and if nothing else, informative of what is still a current event in Church history relatively speaking.

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The Courage for Patience

Do you have the courage it takes to be patient? Have you ever thought of patience and courage as going hand in hand? I have always heard patience is a virtue. Then I came across this in a book I’m reading on the virtues. It describes the virtue of courage (which you may know better as fortitude) as the strength of will that enables us to conquer fear. What on earth does that have to do with patience you say? Please do not be impatient. Simply read on.  Continue reading “The Courage for Patience”

A First Grade Lesson

The holiday season, a time to be thankful, a time to count blessings, a time to be with family and friends and a time to prepare ourselves for the birth of Jesus. For whatever reason this year I have had a harder time preparing my heart for all that is about to happen this year. Maybe it is all that negative that is all over the television set. Maybe it is just the stress that sometimes comes as the Dad of 4 active boys.

I have done a lot of reflecting about the holidays lately and I think part of my struggle is wanting to make the holidays for my boys something I never really experienced. Holidays as a kid were not important. I don’t really remember celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas was usually just Christmas Eve at my Grandma Norman’s house eating Pizza Hut and drinking punch (although I do love the punch and we make it every year now). Gifts were sparse, family time was nonexistent and church was a complete unknown. The term Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas were just words. Continue reading “A First Grade Lesson”

12 Christmas Gifts for the Catholic Man

Having a hard time coming up with Christmas gift ideas for that Catholic man in your life? Of if you’re a list family, are you having a hard time coming up with a list of gifts for people to get you this year? Problem solved! Here’s a list of 12 gift ideas for the Catholic man that can help with their/your faith life.

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